My Painting As Decoration on My New Video Camera!

We’ve had a couple of different video cameras since the birth of our first child. We also have stacks and stacks of tapes from them that are sitting on a shelf. I’m hoping one day they will magically convert themselves to an easy to use digital format. We’ve converted a few old videos and the kids really love to watch them, so we pulled the trigger on an easy to use, easy to watch, Slide HD video camera.

The best part is that you can create a custom image for the outside of the camera for free! My hubby and I sat at the computer trying out different paintings of mine until we found one that really worked with the camera. We chose to use a part of Chasing the Starlight:

custom-flip-slide-camera chasing-the-starlight gouache painting "Lesley Atlansky"

How great is that?!! I can’t wait to receive it, the custom design takes no extra time and no extra money. We should get it in time for my son’s guitar recital, where he’ll be busting out “I Want To Hold Your Hand”. Maybe I’ll use it to post some action videos of me painting. Can’t wait!

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