The Abundant Artist and the Power of Online Communities


I was minding my own business today, reading my twitter feed, when I saw a tweet by Cory Huff that said “Want to help demonstrate the power of online communities? Let’s make an artist famous.” I followed the link and nearly fell out of my chair. He was talking about me!

Cory runs a cool website and blog called The Abundant Artist: Dispelling the Starving Artist Myth. I’ve been following the blog, and Cory on twitter, and the Facebook Fanpage… I guess you could say I am a fan!

Yesterday he asked for people to dream big and list their Big Audacious Goal. I threw out the comment that I’d someday like to be on Oregon ArtBeat – a show on our local PBS affiliate OPB that “introduces people to the arts and cultural events happening in the community.” It is a great show and I love to see the featured artists and musicians and learn how they go about their work.

So as a part of his growing community of artists, Cory featured me in a blog post to try and get me on Oregon ArtBeat! In turn he is working on his B.A.G. – to help 100 artists build businesses that support the lifestyle they want.

I am so honored, I don’t feel like I have the words to express it adequately. So thank you Cory, and thank you to the Abundant Artists community. I can’t wait to do my part to help other artists out with their big dreams!

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  1. Kathy says:

    That’s awesome, and well-deserved. 🙂

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