Manipulated – Watching Between the Folds

Last night my hubby and I started to watch Objectified, a documentary about industrial and product design. We really enjoyed the director’s first film, Helvetica, but after about 20 minutes we had to turn it off. The products were interesting, but segments were lasting too long and started to feel like commercials. Then came the Apple stuff… “look at our beautiful design! Everyone loves it! Form over function is key!”. We finally had enough of the pretentious designers, and turned it off. Bummer.

Instead we watched the PBS Independent Lens feature Between the Folds. Man, what a difference in viewing! Between the Folds was magical. The sculptures and designs these origami artists create are breathtaking. Here is a clip of Eric Joisel, a French origami artist that was a breath of fresh air after watching two arrogant, awful, French brothers in Objectified. Check out his amazing Lord of the Rings figures!

If you haven’t seen Between the Folds, go do it! It is full of humor and life and math and science, much like the origami itself.

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  1. Don says:

    omg i couldn’t agree more. no wonder between the folds won a peabody, what a fine piece of work. tweet about it!

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