Beauty in Downtown Portland

I had a lovely morning wandering around downtown yesterday, despite the excessively humid weather. At one point I walked past a flower shop and the scent of tropical flowers combined with the weather made me feel for a moment as if I was in Hawaii, which was quite lovely.

I did some coveting art supply pricing at Art Media and Utrecht before heading to see the Ai Wei Wei exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Craft. I got to the museum before it opened and just happened upon some gorgeous artwork at the Augen Gallery next door. Dharma Strasser Maccoll‘s work drew me right in! The photos don’t do them justice. She has stitched gorgeous paper together and embellished them with gouache, shimmery thread, and tiny pieces of porcelain to create art that is intricate and delicate and beautiful. I have a thing for art that includes sewing and paper and I felt so lucky to stumble across the show, which comes down in three days.


Dharma Strasser Maccoll "In Water Dense" © 2010 handmade paper, gouache, silk thread, porcelain 28 x 46 inches

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  1. Norma Piper says:


    I have loved watercoloring on heavy watercolor paper, then sewing it (on the machine) to watercolor cards, using the stitching lines as design elements. Bits of fabric are also fun to sew on. For the watercolor part, I used cut-up watercolor paintings that never quite worked. Cut up, they are lovely!


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